This major examines the meanings of “China” as a nation-state, a region, and as a culture in the global setting, and provides students with the skills needed to purposefully navigate the changing landscape of academics, business, government, policy, and the arts. It prepares students for a world in which China is at the center of shaping the 21st century. It positions international students for lifelong engagement with China’s politics, economy, and society, while preparing Chinese students to encounter the wider world with a firm understanding of their own roots, their unique history and institutions, and the ability to see their own country as others see it.

Career Path

This major prepares students for careers in business, public service, media, and culture as well as for further study to pursue careers in academia, law and other professions, with a foundational knowledge of China’s global role.

Divisional Foundation courses:

  • Decision Making under Uncertainty
  • Foundational Questions in Social Science
  • The Art of Interpretation 1: Written Texts

Interdisciplinary Studies courses:

  • From Empire to Nation
  • Modern Chinese Politics
  • China’s Transitioning Economy
  • The Factory: From Socialist Industrialism to World Assembly
  • Visuality in China

Disciplinary Studies courses:

  • Chinese History 1: Competing Schools, Warring States, and the Ideal of Empire
  • Chinese History 2: Importing Culture and Recasting Society
  • Chinese History 3: The Foundations of Modern China
  • History Methods and Research
  • China in Global Perspective 1: China and the Silk Roads World: 500-1500
  • China in Global Perspective 2: The Internationalization of Modern China