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My Graduate Life In Kunshan And Durham
My Graduate Life In Kunshan And Durham

I was born in the Dominican Republic (DR) and lived there most of my life. However, I also spent over three years in Colombia, two in Costa Rica, and my senior year of high school in the U.S. Because of this I met people from all parts of North and South America and became interested in cultural differences throughout the regions.

Extracurricular Activities During the Program

I was involved with the Marketing, Consulting, and Finance clubs within the Master of Management Studies. This involved some meetings, case work, and interview preparation — the interview preparation provided by far the most value. Before Fuqua, my interview experience for my internship and job was very informal and not as rigorous as the process for business school students. I had to start from scratch.

Through Career Management Center workshops and by partnering with my peers at Fuqua, who had more experience interviewing, I determined my strengths and areas to work on. This is a great example of how Fuqua is all about teamwork and collaboration.

Favorite Class and Professor

My favorite class was Decision Models – it was really interesting to work with Monte Carlo simulations and practice with advanced tools for financial analysis. Professor Ramon Lecuona Torras was my favorite professor. He was very energetic and had a unique style of teaching his Strategy course that made it fun and engaging.

Student Life in Durham

I enjoyed playing soccer on Duke’s Central Campus twice per week. Trips to nearby Chapel Hill were a lot of fun as was hanging out by the pool at The Heights apartments. Some of my favorite memories were watching basketball games in Cameron Indoor Stadium. The energy is hard to describe, and it feels great when the team wins.

Student Life in Kunshan

Taking the 20-minute train ride into Shanghai was something I frequently enjoyed. It’s a fascinating city—some parts are very old and colonial, and then you cross the Huangpu River, and it’s modern. There were some students from other schools that I met and became friends with in the city. Traveling around the entire region is so easy that we went just about everywhere.

Landing a Job

The job I secured after graduation was part of a rotational leadership development program at Restaurant Brands International, one of the largest operators of fast food restaurants in the world. Specifically, I work on the Burger King brand. My first rotation was in the restaurants themselves for eight weeks, the second rotation was working on marketing analytics in Latin America, and the third focused on global development.

Excel is a vital tool for my current work and the quantitative classes during the program greatly improved my skills there. More importantly, the experience I got at Fuqua working in academic teams has helped me be successful now in my professional teams. Each study team assignment was like the meetings I have at work. You have to know how to listen, take notes, and run a meeting—all things I learned in the program.

By David Medina, Master of Management Studies, Class of 2015