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Surrounded By Excellence
Surrounded By Excellence

Wang Hongyuan obtained his master’s degree in medical physics from Duke Kunshan University in July 2016. The 25-year-old was reluctant to leave the campus where he had spent two years making great, and fulfilling memories.

I received my bachelor’s degree in applied physics from a domestic university in 2014. I came to Duke Kunshan for an advanced degree because the university stands out among the very few institutions in China that offer medical physics programs.

There are exchange opportunities with the United States through Duke University, and the medical center at the university is one of the best in the US. This was a big appeal for medical physics students like me, not to mention that I got a full scholarship from Duke Kunshan.

The education model at Duke Kunshan, combining educational concepts from China and abroad, sounds new and fresh to me. Different from what we had at the domestic university, studies at Duke Kunshan were not test-oriented. Rather, teachers would offer guidance and help students embrace the whole study process. Students have to participate actively to achieve effective learning.

Professors and even heads of the university are close to students. We often met while having meals at the canteen. They would listen to our ideas and thoughts about studies and campus life at Duke Kunshan.

We also had lots of freedom and autonomy to do the things we wanted. The university always supported students by creating a caring environment and offering assistance.

The facilities and living conditions on campus were fabulous, but what I treasured most was the opportunity to attend lectures and classes delivered by renowned scholars, experts and artists. Studying here, you are always close to the academic frontier.

What’s more, the academic atmosphere here was very international. I was surrounded by excellence with students from all over the world including South Korea, Thailand, India, the US and Europe. As the number of students was small, we all knew each other well and often gathered together to discuss questions, exchange thoughts and to brainstorm.

During the process, we opened our minds, got to know more about cultures from around the world, made friends with each other and learned from the most brilliant young people from different countries. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t come to study at Duke Kunshan.

By Hongyuan Wang (right), Master of Medical Physics, Class of 2016