Duke Kunshan University offers undergraduate students a Duke-quality education and academic experience culminating in a Duke University degree. Students will have the opportunity to study and live in both China and the U.S., developing an enhanced international perspective, and discovering new global opportunities.

1. Have the opportunity to study and live in China and the U.S.

At Duke Kunshan University, students have the opportunity to study and live on two campuses: from Kunshan, China, to Durham, USA. The adventure awaits.

2. Learn from leading faculty in and beyond classrooms

Duke Kunshan University has a student-faculty ratio of 7:1. Courses at Duke Kunshan University will be primarily taught by Duke Kunshan and Duke faculty members in discussion-based settings with fewer than 20 students per class.

3. Experience the value of interdisciplinary learning

Unlike traditional disciplinary majors, each major in Duke Kunshan’s undergraduate degree program is designed with a dual structure that consists of broad-based interdisciplinary core components and a disciplinary focus. We believe that crossing traditional academic boundaries leads to great insights and discoveries.

4. Earn a degree from a top-10 ranked U.S. educational institution while studying in China

Duke Kunshan University provides students a unique opportunity to live and study in China and the U.S. while pursuing a world-class education. Students graduate with an undergraduate degree from Duke University, an institution consistently ranked among the top 10 U.S. universities by U.S. News & World Report.

5. Become part of Duke’s 170,000-strong global alumni network

Duke Kunshan students become part of something much greater than their individual class or even the Duke Kunshan campus. Our alumni are also members of the Duke University alumni network.

6. Find mentors in the classroom and beyond

In addition to close interaction with professors, each student will be assigned an advisor who will guide them throughout the four-year journey. The advisor is responsible for advising on academics and career path, aiding in the selection of courses, majors, signature pathways and experiential activities. Another channel through which students can get advice on how to identify and realize their aspirations is our career center where counselors provide insights for students to explore career opportunities that match their education, values, goals, skills and experiences.

7. Surround yourself with excellence and prepare yourself for advanced studies

Our innovative, integrated and interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum in a residential, personable, and interactive all-English learning and teaching environment with great research opportunities will prepare students for advanced studies in graduate schools and future careers. We expect our inaugural undergraduate class to be brilliant, adventurous and global.

8. Become a specialist in your field and a well-rounded global citizen

At Duke Kunshan University, students will develop critical thinking skills applicable to any career path. Our liberal arts and sciences approach to education shapes students into well-rounded citizens with an in-depth understanding of their chosen fields. Students will have opportunities to explore their interests broadly while developing their expertise through divisional foundations, disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, elective classes and a signature project. Students may also work with faculty and researchers by taking advantage of resources and opportunities available at Duke Kunshan, Duke University and Wuhan University.

9. Be part of a smart, personalized and dynamic program

Instead of committing to a specific major, our program allows students to explore a range of academic disciplines and courses. As students progress through the semesters, they narrow their academic focus to a major. This allows students to create a more personal and dynamic four-year study program that provides the knowledge and skills needed for 21st century careers. In addition, classes are taught Monday through Thursday, with Fridays reserved for local community engagement, field trips, service, and internships, providing students the opportunity to continually apply their learnings in the classroom to real-world settings.

10. Receive scholarship support for your studies

Duke Kunshan University is committed to building a community of highly talented students from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, and to this end offers merit-based and need-based scholarships for qualified students.

11. Live and study in one of the most dynamic regions of China

Being a Duke Kunshan University student means you will live in one of the most prosperous cities in China and the hub of a vibrant economic and cultural region, the Yangtze River Delta. Widely considered a model of success in China’s social and economic development, Kunshan is home to Fortune 500 companies and other global enterprises, with easy access to the thriving metropolises of Shanghai and Suzhou.

12. Find a new home away from home

Duke Kunshan’s beautiful campus blends traditional Chinese elements with contemporary architecture. Extensive aquatic installations symbolize the region’s renowned water towns and are integrated throughout the campus. With a residential culture modeled after the world’s greatest universities, Duke Kunshan University provides a safe and comfortable living-learning environment that encourages the exchange of ideas both within and outside of the classroom. Our on-campus residence halls are modern and spacious while all academic, residence, and administrative buildings are equipped with the latest technologies in computing and communications. Reliable, fast access to Duke University’s extensive digital library and other major academic research sites is available 24/7. With our advanced telecommunications network, students may easily stay in touch with family and friends anywhere in the world.