STUDENT RESIDENCE LIFE | Duke Kunshan University


When it comes to residence life for students, Duke Kunshan University places an emphasis on creating a safe, heathy, and inclusive environment to ensure that all students have a sense of belonging

Housing Overview

Residence Life supports student development and growth in a close-knit, safe and inclusive living and learning community. The residential experience is designed with five core values in mind: Community, diversity, ethical citizenship, wellness, and personal and professional development, which ultimately contribute to the overall experience at Duke Kunshan.

First-year housing: Freshmen will live in the Conference Center (third and fourth floors) or Residence Hall (blocks 1, 2 and 3). The Conference Center has double rooms with a bathroom and shower. Residence Hall comprises suites with single and double rooms.

Second-year housing: Sophomores live off-campus at Scholars Hotel (14th to 20th floors). The 14th floor has common areas and the 15th to 20th floors have double rooms with a bathroom and shower. Scholars Hotel is a seven-minute drive from campus.

Residential education: The undergraduate residential experience creates opportunities for students to explore common interests as well as interact with faculty and staff outside the classroom. The Cultural Mosaic program helps students explore their cultural identity and develop their global competence (including cross-cultural communication, collaboration and conflict resolution skills). The topics include raising self-awareness, understanding societal inequalities, learning how to interact effectively with diverse people, and developing leadership skills to foster equity and social justice. We offer a variety of events such as improvisation workshops for cross-cultural communication and interactive theatre as a guide to discuss social change and leadership.

Roommate matching: Residence Life matches first-year students of the same gender based on information about their lifestyle and habits collected through the housing application. Freshmen can indicate their preference to be assigned to the Conference Center or the Residence Hall. Students who prefer to be housed in the Residence Hall can also ask for either a single or double bedroom on a first come, first served basis. Sophomores who mutually indicate a preferred roommate of the same gender will be matched together. For those who do not have a preferred roommate, Residence Life will choose a suitable match.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who live in the hall to help residents adjust to residence hall living. They serve as the primary resource; provide peer assistance on academic, personal and interpersonal issues; ensure the health and safety of residents; and build a positive community on their floors and in the halls. Each year, RAs are assigned to specific residential areas and oversee 25 to 35 residents.

RA positions are open to upper-class students, including sophomores, juniors and seniors. Appointments are for the academic year, August to May. RAs receive single-room remuneration, a meal allowance and a monthly stipend. In addition to these benefits, they also receive various opportunities to develop soft skills, interact and collaborate with staff and faculty on campus and beyond, and shape the residential culture for all students.